Treatment And Prevention

Treatment Of Mesothelioma

We already know for the time the cancer is still not commonly known cure, however there are some alternative treatments which must be traveled if contracted Mesothelioma among others

1. Surgical
They are actually doing surgery on cancer oprasi long-time become less believable because of the level of success is small. Sometimes though it manages to kakkernya cells will grow again — is growing again. Even the people who did the surgery is only able to survive for less than 12 months or a year.

2. Radiation
Bersaan radiation is often given with chemotherapy. With the entry of the disease still mentolelir radical operation. So the radioasi can be used as a treatment of konsolidatif post surgery. Do while chemotherapy and radiation after surgery will increase the life expectancy of the patient. But its side effects are very severe and very severe,

3. Chemotherapy
If that is surely you also hear it right diistilah diseinetron film SOAP. Chemotherapy is a treatment for the disease Mesothelioma that is proven to increase life kalangsungan many patients. Patients who were initially only able to survive for less than 12 months could survive for 13 months.

Not only is it any prevention and control efforts need to be made to minimize the risk of pleural mesothelioma. The following prevention and control what you can do:

1. Wherever possible, hazardous materials, such as asbestos are replaced with other ingredients that are more or less the same functionality and benefits but which is not dangerous or is less dangerous.

2. Technical machining control efforts, such as the binding of asbestos fibers with other ingredients to prevent the formation of dust, creating a local ventilation, mechanical maintenance, and using wet methods to prevent the formation of dust.

3. Always ensure the concentration of asbestos dust in the working environment shall not exceed the value of the exposure threshold that has been set by the authorities or legislation.

4. Workers are obliged to use a tool, such as respiratory protective respirator air purifiers, positive pressure respiratory protective tools and breathing with air duct directly to reduce exposure to asbestos dust.

5. When the levels of asbestos dust in the work environment increase, workers are also obliged to wear special protective clothing.
Workers are obliged to follow a prescribed medical examination according to the custom in force nationally.

6. Workers are obliged to inform the management whenever there is a change in the environment or conditions of work process that could potentially give rise to asbestos dust.

Conclusion :

Treatment Mesothelioma

The choice of treatment depends on the location of mesothelioma, stage of cancer, and other types of cancer cells. Options that can be performed are:

- Surgery
- Chemotherapy
- Radiation therapy
- Pleurodesis: ' paste ' pleural membrane lung/wrapping to prevent formation fluids are constantly
- Unfortunately it has a bad prognosis of mesothelioma. Half of the patients can live at least one year after diagnosis. But only 10% who can live up to five years after being diagnosed.

Prevention Mesothelioma

Precautions against mesothelioma that can be done is to avoid or reduce contact against asbestos or asbestos. Because, this is the main cause of occurrence of mesothelioma.

However if the risk of asbestos exposure cannot be avoided or if you include people who have jobs with the risk of exposure to asbestos, to obey the rules of safety. In addition, you should also know the handling of asbestos.

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