Symptoms and Causes of Mesothelioma

+ Symptoms of mesothelioma occurs at the clinic are:

- Dyspnea and pain nonpleuritic chest wall is the most common symptom occurs in malignant mesothelioma, (Approximately 60-90% of patients experience symptoms of chest pain or dyspnea.)

- In patients with a malignant mesothelioma, pleural effusion physical findings are usually known with percussion and auscultation.

- In rare cases, malignant mesothelioma manifests as cord compression, brachial plexopathy, Horner's syndrome, or superior vena cava syndrome. Death is usually caused by infection or respiratory failure from the development of mesothelioma.

- The main areas which often occurs in the pleura (87%), peritoneum (5.1%), and pericardium (0.4%).

- Chest pain feels once

- Shortness Of Breath

- Anemia occurs or a deficiency of red blood cells

- Often feel exhausted

- The sound became very hoarse and coughing

- In fact there are also experiencing cough phlegm so but there is blood in it 

- Persistent dry cough or Wheezing

- Difficulty in breathing (shortness of breath)

- Fever

- Pleural effusion, a condition that is characterized by a buildup of fluid in the pleural layers between the two (the membrane that separates the lungs with chest wall part in).

- Chest pain under the rib cage

- Anemia

- Often experiencing fatigue

- Weight loss unexplained

+ The Cause Of Mesotheiloma

- The cause of this disease is due to exposure to asbestos, asbestos dust is a powerful mine stuff that's been used for a variety of purposes. This asbestos if crushed will cause dust or fibers as silky needles and can easily fly hovering in the air.

- Typically this is found in the environment-environment industry, construction sites, carpentry and building materials as well as other areas related to asbestos.

- When this dust flying in the air and inhaled by the nose, then this asbestos dust will stick to and trapped within the lungs. If this goes on continuously and in a long period of time, then the dust settles it will hold a sharper and more and more in the lungs. This is what causes the mesotheiloma to occur.

- In Japan, it was already hundreds of people who died from exposure to asbestos dust. They died of esophageal cancer mesothelioma. The risk of this disease will be increased if you are a smoker. And a source mentions that and about 10 percent of patients live at least five years after they are diagnosed.

- Keep in mind, the ceilings of the houses that have a mixture of asbestos is also potentially bringing this disease. In the year 1995 in Japan issued a ban on the use of blue and brown asbestos because it includes types of carcinogens that are very high.

- For it, for those of you who work or deal directly with asbestos should be more careful in your work. Prioritizing their safety and your health with complying with K3. Do not use a mask also to luoa while working to minimize the things unwanted. Do health checks on a regular basis so that all forms of the disease can be detected early on.

- Often encountered asbestos so that substances ingested or inhaled even ashes were, besides those sekitarnyapun could be affected for example only your wife or children that often wash clothes of her husband who worked with asbestos can also trigger cancer.

The neighborhood contained many substances erionite mineral zeolite or a substance very similar to asbestos fibers. also capable of resulting in a population exposed to disease malignant Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma can be caused by asbestos in the building. Own DiInggris there is a ban on use of asbestos because of its nutritional moderately dangerous.

- Mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos or better known as the asbestos. Asbestos fibers can be entered in the wrapping membrane organs, causing inflammation, and gradually form a cancer.

- Other risk factors are exposure to the virus (SV 40), radiation (thorium dioxide), and several types of chemicals (erionite, chemicals in the paint, and so on).

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